Tuesday, 25 August 2009

New Blog: Cancelled due to lack of interest

There is a new blog in town, here on Blogger, called pewsey music festival which, you may have guessed, is about PMF but

also the local music scene

If any local peeps want to contribute on the PMF blog let us know (email or comments below), so if you are organising any gigs in pubs, village halls etc or any news/gossip about the local music scene around Pewsey let us know. It would be great if all the music info was all in one place.
On the blog you will find a photo set of the Convulsions gig at the Coopers Arms last Sunday. As promised in my previous post much jollity did prevail and as a bonus the sun came out so we were all outside.

Ben & Cone

Dog & Cone

not sure if dog shared the joke?
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  1. " DOg and COne" it is a really cool man!!!.. :)


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